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Personal Loan

A Personal loan is a type of an unstable advance, profited to meet unanticipated, however certifiable money related requests for individual employments

Against Property Loan

Hoping to support your business development? Get speedy and simple budgetary sponsorship to scale your business higher than ever.

Educational Loan

Anakang is a Digital Finance Company that gives Education Loans beginning from Zero Interest for Students and Skill Seekers

Our Loan Process

Applying for a reasonable credit and getting it from Anakang and can be refined effectively in a simple manner. We offer a wide scope of advance choices for different purposes from which you can pick the one that suits your prerequisites well and apply for it advantageously

Check your passing Criteria and in the event that you are eligible,submit a filled-in credit application structure alongside all the necessary subtleties and records

We will give cites from various lenders as to your advance solicitation and you can contrast your alternatives with pick the most best one

When you pick the favored credit option,we will convey forward the cycle with the lender and you can have your assets at the most punctual in your ledger

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